Pizza takeaway. Enjoy the real taste of Pizza in Clendon (Extreme)

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459 Roscommon Road, Clendon Shopping Centre, Clendon Park, Manukau

Description of the pizzeria:

Xtreme Pizza is both located at 459 Roscommon Road, Clendon Shopping Centre, Manurewa and 19A Fair Mall, Otara. We offer you quality Italian & Pasta Cuisine you surely can't resist. Have a taste of our popular dishes like Xtreme Meatlover, Chicken Cranberry, Garlic Prawn, Chicken Wings with BBQ Sauce, Chicken Bites with BBQ Sauce and Chocolate Dessert Pizza. Why don't you take time to enjoy our delicious pizza flavours like Beef & Onion, Cheese Xtreme, Spicy Veg Trio, Cheesy Bacon Hawaiian, El Scorcho and a whole lot more. Click that Order Online button and pick up your dishes here or have it delivered directly to you.

Xtreme Pizza, Clendon Park (Manukau) delivers to:

  • Clendon Park, Manukau (only $9)
  • Goodwood Heights, Manukau (only $9)
  • Manukau, Manukau (only $9)
  • Manukau City, Manukau (only $7)
  • Manurewa, Manukau (only $9)
  • Manurewa East, Manukau (only $9)
  • Papatoetoe, Manukau (only $7)
  • Papatoetoe South, Manukau (only $7)
  • Randwick Park, Manukau (only $9)
  • Takanini, Manukau (only $7)
  • The Gardens, Manukau (only $9)
  • Wattle Downs, Manukau (only $9)
  • Weymouth, Manukau (only $9)
  • Wiri, Manukau (only $9)
  • Alfriston, Papakura (only $9)
  • Pahurehure, Papakura (only $7)

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