Indian Restaurant, Sweets and Snacks

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88 F Great South Road, Takanini, Manukau

Description of the pizzeria:

For a taste of India, visit the Punjabi Hut in Queanbeyan. Patrons love the popular samosa sadabahar, which features spiced potatoes and green peas, or the chicken tikka masala, which is a grilled, boneless chicken in tandoor. Find delicious beef, chicken, lamb and seafood entrees on the menu. If you prefer a vegetarian entree, consider one of the exotic vegetable dishes like the Dal Makhani, a black lentil kidney bean dish with Punjabi spices, or the Dal Handi, which features yellow lentils with chilies, coriander, onions and tomatoes.

Punjabi Hut, Takanini (Manukau) delivers to:

  • Clendon Park, Manukau (only $6.5)
  • Manukau, Manukau (only $7)
  • Manurewa, Manukau (only $5)
  • Randwick Park, Manukau (only $5)
  • Takanini, Manukau (only $5)
  • The Gardens, Manukau (only $5)
  • Totara Heights, Manukau (only $7)
  • Alfriston, Papakura (only $5)
  • Ardmore, Papakura (only $7.5)
  • Clevedon, Papakura (only $9.5)
  • Conifer Grove, Papakura (only $5)
  • Drury, Papakura (only $8.5)
  • Karaka, Papakura (only $9.5)
  • Pahurehure, Papakura (only $5)
  • Papakura, Papakura (only $5)

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